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For the short time you spend with us, we’ll make sure you enjoy it! Whether you want to buy tyres online, here on our website, or come in to get them fitted, you’ll have a great time. Nothing about Gas & Tyre takes a long time, our fitters are renowned for their speed.

Personally observe it yourself when you come in. Your time is valuable and we’ll respect that.

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Save yourself time and money when you buy tyres – find the perfect tyres to suit your driving, vehicle and budget, then book your fitting at a time that suits you – all with just a few clicks!

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What influences you when you buy tyres?

Same old brand?

How do you know there’s not something better for your needs?

We have over 100 different brands can and help you find the best suited for you.


What if they’re unsafe and wear out faster than you expected?

A little bit more investment can save you from much bigger losses.

Whatever the tyre guy sells you?

What if its just what happens to be in stock, or is being most profitable?

Our highest priority is to provide what is best for you.

Regardless of brand, price, availability or salesman, you can now select (in the un-pressured environment of your own time) the perfect tyre to suit your requirements. Our free online tyre selector is designed to do exactly that! Give it a good workout. It’s totally free and no personal information is required!

How do we rate our tyres? We don’t, you do… Save money today!

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